Parents and Families

Part of the family

Parents, caretakers and family members—you are a part of the Golden Bull Family too! We hope that you will be supportive of your students during their application and transition to JCSU—and eventual graduation!


Golden Bull Family and Supporters,

I am thrilled to welcome you as part of the ǿ޴ý (JCSU) family where we hold high theGold and Blue. We extend our deepest thanks for entrusting us with your student’s education and future. It is always great connecting with our JCSU families throughout the year sharing campus resources, areas of support, and our rich culture. Research shows that family involvement is critical to a student’s transition and success. Your engagement will continue to be a resource to them should questions or concerns arise. Parent & Family Relations is your resource to keep families engaged and informed to ensure overall academic and social success. Our programming is designed to support the college experience for families while allowing our students toGlow and Grow. We encourage you to utilize the resources provided to enhance your experience as part of our campus community.

Attending college is a big decision and as supporters, you can help your student succeed in college. Communicate with your student often and let them know you are supportive. To help you offer support, we suggest the following tips.

  • Set high expectations. Let your student know that you expect him or her to work hard and explain how you will support that hard work. Encourage your student to use the resources and support services on campus.
  • Utilize our website to become familiar with life at JCSU and the support available to students.
  • Encourage your student to meet regularly with an advisor or Student Success Coach. They can help students select a program of study, choose courses, create a class schedule, and explore career options.
  • Encourage Involvement in Campus Activities.
  • Show interest in your student’s classes and participation in campus activities

Behind almost every successful college student is a village of supporters that values education and recognizes its importance to the quality of people’s lives.


R. Brandon Moyer

Coordinator, First Year / Second Year Experience & Parent and Family Relations

Communication:Family members should continue to receive regular communication from our campus through emails, newsletters, social media, and the JCSU website.

Events:Parent and Family Relations encourages you to join us for virtual and in-person events hosted throughout the year. Our office hosts a series of virtual and in-person chats, engaging and educating families about campus resources.